Refunds & Cancellation Policy


1. There are no refunds on reserved gym rentals.

2. Lessee is allowed to cancel membership at any time. If Lessee decides to restart, the first and last month of agreed terms of the membership will be due at signing of agreement.

Right of Entry and Termination

Created Player, LLC, its officers, agents and employees shall have the right to enter the Facility at all times during the reserved time to confirm Lessee’s conformance to this Agreement. If any of the allowed parties determine, in it’s Sole Judgement, that the Lessee has breached a term of this Agreement, Created Player, LLC shall have the right to immediately terminate this Rental Agreement prior to the expiration of its term and prior to the conclusion of the personal training session without any refund to the Lessee.

Need Help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.